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Beautiful bracelets that fit well!

Hi - I am Tricia and I am the face behind Wristocracy
Here's the little bit where I share a bit about me for those who are interested in knowing a little bit about the face behind Wristocracy and how this all started.….

I am a mum of two teenage kids with a background in Events and Marketing. I live in Auckland, New Zealand in the South Pacific and am a very proud Kiwi! I've always enjoyed making bracelets for myself and have strung them for many years. I've even been known to buy 'off the shelf bracelets', cut them up, rearrange and mix them to my preference - weird I know! Friends would find it hard to buy 'off the shelf' bracelets that fit properly so I would sometimes resize them or change a few things on them according to what they wanted. Friends and strangers began admire my handiwork and started asking whether I would make for them and eventually… I decided why not? And that is how Wristocracy was born.

My objective with Wristocracy is to provide fashionable, collectible bracelets to fit people of all sizes… as we all love beautiful things, regardless of whether we conform to mainstream sizing.I endeavour to make sure my bracelets are good quality, fun, versatile, accessible and well fitting and I cater to both men and women. I make from a wide variety of materials with the aim to create everything from an organic, relaxed feel to a more refined and special occasion look.I source my materials from around the world and am constantly on the look out for new interesting ideas, that I can put a Wristocracy spin on. Expect additions frequently and keep checking back to see what's new!If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for - you can always message me - I am happy to work with clients one on one to create their ideal set.

I've been operating as Wristocracy for about 3 years now. It started by word of mouth and then spread online. Events followed soon after, and with the support of my husband, markets and events have been my main focus for the past two years. At first, there were just a few events, but as time grew and word spread there were more ... and more .. and last year there were so many events. So, over the summer break I took a bit of time to think about how I could continue to grow and juggle all areas of my life, without burning out because as a sole operator I do everything from sourcing, designing, making, photographing, marketing and all events largely by myself. After much thought and deliberation, I made the decision to focus on growing my website whilst supporting it with just a couple of key events in Auckland, to ensure those that need that face to face service, are still able to get it. Check my events page to keep posted on events I will be attending.

During Spring 2019 my events include Te Atatu Night Market a wonderfully vibey night market that is held on the third Friday night of the month and Crafternoon Tea, a lovely boutique NZ maker market held monthly in Kingsland and Albany. 


The program will operate on 3 tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold

* Bronze Tier 10 x $50 purchases totalling $500 earns you a (5%) reward - $25 voucher 
* Silver Tier 20 x $50 purchases totalling $1000 earns you a (10%) reward - $50 voucher 
* Gold Tier 30 x $50 purchases totalling $1500 earns you a (20%) reward - $100 voucher


*YES Reward Points are collectable on both Online and Market Purchases from Wristocracy.

*YES Reward Points are collectable on all Wristocracy bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

*YES You can run a joint Rewards Membership with a friend or friends, to speed up earning a Rewards Voucher. You can share the voucher between the two of you, provided your transaction is done at the same time. The membership will be linked to one email and under one name. I will (eventually) start to send emails updating you of your Points Total and notifying you of upcoming events, new designs and any special deals or competitions I may be running. 

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