About - Wristocracy

Beautiful, long-lasting bracelets that fit well!

Hi - I am Tricia and I am the face behind Wristocracy

Here's the little bit where I share a bit about me for those who are interested in knowing a little bit about the face behind Wristocracy and how this all started.….

Wristocracy was born out of a hobby.  I've always enjoyed making things and bracelets was no exception. I've strung them for myself and close friends for many years. Initially I'd buy 'off the shelf bracelets', cut them up, rearrange and mix them to my preference - weird I know! I would also resize them to fit different friends' wrist sizes as they were outside the range of "average" sizes available at shops.  

Eventually friends of friends and then strangers began admire my handiwork and began asking whether I would consider make bracelets for them and eventually… I decided why not? And that is how Wristocracy was born.  So that was 5+ years ago now and during that time I have learnt a lot.  I've learned a lot, made any number of mistakes, but continue to learn and grow and now feel I'm pretty good at what I do, however I am always learning, growing and searching for new ideas.  I think it is this growth that keeps me interested and still passionate about what I do.

My objective with Wristocracy is to provide fashionable, collectible bracelets to fit people of all sizes… as  all love beautiful things, regardless of whether we conform to mainstream sizing.

I endeavour to make sure my bracelets are good quality, fun, versatile, accessible and well fitting and I cater to all. Men and women, young and old, large or small and everything in between.  

I make from a wide variety of materials with the aim to create everything from a relaxed boho inspired set to a more refined and special occasion look.

I source my materials from around the world and am constantly on the look out for new interesting ideas, that I can put a Wristocracy spin on. 

Expect additions frequently and keep checking back to see what's new! If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for - you can always message me - I am happy to work with clients one on one to create their ideal set.

More recently I have shifted from an events focused business to  online.  After many years in the markets I decided the time was right and it has allowed me better work life balance and the ability to focus on creating more.  

In time I will probably do some events again as I know some people really like to be able to touch and feel the bracelets.  But I probably won't return to the weekly or monthly markets as I just have too much to cart from place to place now.  

However, plans are afoot to open my home based workspace soon to visits by appointment.  So if you want to come and have a look - please feel free to message me and lets set up a time!

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