I don't know about  you but I've been struggling a little through this winter.  The endless rainy days and blustery winds have made many things, including markets, a little challenging.

I now have a little gap now between markets (3 weeks) and whilst it may seem like I am taking a little break, I'm actually been quite busy behind the scenes.

I've wanted to create a newsletter for sometime, to offer customers in my rewards program something a little extra.  The newsletter is my chance to share some fun things I've found, a little more indepth information about stones and of course a 'sneak peak' into what I'm about to start threading up and of course the odd special offer or two.   I also have some other ideas as to what to add, and of course I am keen to hear from you and what you'd like to read about! 

Whilst the first newsletter was supposed to be just two pages (as life is busy and who has time to read more),  I had to go a little over for this first one as there was just too much to cover. In future, I will be trying to keep it short and sweet.

So, as I was saying, this time between events has given me a chance to work on some other things, including a firm plan to reviatlise my stand to make it a bit more exciting and of course, user friendly for my customers.  

I've also been checking out the new seasons colours and have a host of exciting new stones and colours about to arrive on my bead board. So, if you're a member of my rewards program - you will be hearing about these in next month's newsletter, together with some other tidbits and ideas. If you are a member and haven't received an email yet, perhaps we don't have your correct email - so drop me an email and we'll sort that out ASAP.

I've also been working on an idea for a gorgeous joint venture competion to celebrate Spring and of course recently, I finished the new brochure, so if you haven't already got one, stop by the stand and grab one.  I always include one with online orders as well.  

Check out my events page for an updated list of events I am booked to attend or why not try shopping online if you're keen to stay out of the cold.  There's plenty of gorgeousness here and if you know you're size - I make it pretty easy and you can always message/email me for any small changes you want made.

That's all from me - keep warm!