The gorgous olive green of of these tumbled Peridot surprised us all when combined with brass and the simple addition of some Olive Green Zirconia.  It turned these green stones into something pretty stunning I have to say - that can be worn by itself or combined with all manner of sets for different looks.  Try greens, rusty reds and oranges, earthy browns, natural creams and brass for all sorts of looks.

It was a no brainer for me to put this with brass and add leaves as focals as the tumbled stones really did speak of nature, organic in their shape.  The warm olive green of the peridot, like the green on the leaves in early Autumn, just before they they turn yellow and then orange, red and brown...

Clearly, the praying mantis agreed as it wandered into the shot as I was clicking away and then sat there for some time, swaying as they do.   I felt it gave me the ultimate stamp of approval and I just couldn't resist capturing the candid moment.  Quite beautiful I think.

This set was polarising if I am being honest.  Olive green is not everyone's cup of tea - and apparently it is not my husband's.  But for me, I love this colour when combined in the right way and it's warmth speaks of the earth, nature and cooler weather.  It reminds me of mossy undergrowth, and the green that sometimes coats rounded stones in a stream in the forest.

My friend (and model) was also unconvinced when she first saw this set, but fell in love the moment it went on her wrist and when combined with this beautiful faceted Chrysoprase and some Swarovski Crystal it was game set and match.   It is now top of her "want list".  So it just shows that sometimes, you have to dare to be different and follow your own path to be creative, and for me, this was one of those sets and I couldn't be happier with it.  I have a few other singles and bits and pieces to go with this set to change the look and a host of Autumn colours coming out over the following few days - I do hope you like this one as much as I do... it is of course one of my General Collective Releases - come and check it out at General Collective on Sunday or for a sneak peak you can find me at the final Te Atatu Night Market of the season - this Friday.

On wrist