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Wristocracy - A little bit about how I work

This is essentially Wristocracy. Just me, Tricia. I do everything myself. I work from home and aim to offer you the best service I can.

My specialty is bracelets. I like to offer variety and am proud to say I can fit most sizes, from very small to quite large at no added cost. Though, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

I like to make sets - this is what I built Wristocracy on. I am inspired by nature and the beautiful stones I am fortunate enough to work with to create sets that work when worn together, but also alone.

But I also like to create singles bracelets that can be stacked (as pictured) or worn with your own keepsake jewellery or worn alone.

I like to work with a variety of mediums - but generally some sort of bead, mainly gemstones, but sterling silver is a favourite at the moment.

I used to attend many markets, but found as my range increased (it's huge now) it was too difficult to lug it around. So now, I work from home and have no plans to return to them.

I have an extensive range of sets available in many sizes. If you have seen something you want but can't find it on the website - please ask me, as I may be able to help.

Scrolling through my Instagram or Facebook page is a great way to do this as I generally list a bunch of pictures there.

It's also a great way to look for inspiration and get ideas of how to wear your bracelets.

I add to my materials often and spend a lot of time researching things. Mostly, I prefer non enhanced beads and specify that from my suppliers. There are a couple of exceptions to that rule, but don't worry I will always offer you honest information, to the best of my knowledge and the information that is supplied to me.

Whilst my specialty is bracelets ...

I've recently extended my range to include a few more things. New beaded seasonal necklaces for one.

These are finished with sterling silver and are available in a variety of lengths. If you don't see your length listed - message me. Each necklace also comes with a little card naming all the gemstones included.

Rainbow bracelets do too.

My birthstone bracelets also come on a card with some information on the stone and the month. If you are looking for a different birthstone than I have listed please ask as I have options.

Selected sets have them too. It will be detailed on the listing if they do.

I have also added Mālās to my range. Some of these can also be found at Some come with a rudraksha seed and handmade tassel.

Others I have created without the tassel. My rainbow mālā style necklaces have been made without the seed and tassel, because that way you can rotate them depending on how you feel and what you are wearing.

DESIGNING A MALA Mala can be customised with price depending on what stones you select and how long it takes me. A deposit may be required.

I generally offer a choice of thread colours as well as beads....

DESIGNING YOUR BRACELET SET. We can work together to create your perfect set. I have loads of beads to work with and many many ideas. A favourite stone, a favourite theme or colour is a great starting point. Sometimes a deposit may be required.

There are lots of colours and materials to choose from.

Lots of shapes and sizes too.

HOW WE DESIGN A SET When you send me a request for a type of stone or a particular combination - I will send a photo and you can select your favourites and we can go from there.

Many stones come in quite a few different shapes and sizes.

We can add in charms and focal bead along the way. I have different colour ways and designs and quite a few to choose from.


DO YOU THREAD EVERYTHING YOURSELF AND DO YOU MAKE CLASP BRACELETS? Yes I most definitely thread everything myself. I now offer sterling silver clasp bracelets, anklets (on request) as well as the clasp necklaces.

DO I SELL ANYWHERE OTHER THAN ONLINE? Yes. I have a couple of partnerships and occasionally in special circumstances I can allow a face to face appointment. This has to be arranged in advance and a mask must be worn as I work from home.

My first business partnership is with KNIGHT INSPIRED. Many of these designs are exclusive to them. With respect, please don't ask me to sell these to you direct as the designs belong to Knight Inspired and are available on their website

I also make a few bracelets for ANGEL MAMA. The same rule applies.

AM I OPEN TO BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS WITH OTHER BUSINESSES. Yes. I am open to creating some other partnerships with businesses. Keep in mind that there is just me. Some of my own designs may be available depending on quantities you want. I am also happy to offer suggestions and work together on creating something unique for your business. Pricing would be based on time, materials, quantity bought and payment terms. I do not do Sale or Return.

WILL YOU SHARE YOUR SUPPLIERS WITH ME? Please don't be offended if I won't share information on my suppliers with you. There are many of them and it has taken me a long time, much energy and many mistakes to build this knowledge, so I am keen to keep that to myself.

CAN I CHOOSE MY OWN STONES ON A RAINBOW BRACELET? Sort of. You can elect a couple of favourite stones and will be sure to include them, but then I will select the remainder (to build the gradient). I don't allow individual selection as it is very time consuming and adversely affects my creative process.

IS EVERYTHING ON MY WEBSITE? Most definitely, No. I probably have about 1/3 of my stock on the website currently and because I have built my business model on variety and custom makes - it is impossible and impractical to list it all. I also leave a lot of it unthreaded so that we can have a great choice with making bracelets.

CARING FOR YOUR WRISTOCRACY I always recommend that to keep the beads looking good remove the bracelets prior to entering water or spraying perfumes, that way they will stay looking good for longer. Some stones are photosensitive in that they may fade if exposed to too much sunlight, so I recommend that you keep that in mind when wearing it. A hour or two is fine but a whole day in strong sun may fade the stone. If you are unsure please ask. Please keep this in mind also when storing it.

DO YOU STILL HAVE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL? Yes, I have a lot in the way of Swarovski Crystal in rings, pendants, charms, crystal pearls and crystal beads.

The variety is huge and I just haven't got around to listing it all so please ask. Much of it is not made up yet - so we can use it in different ways.

I have many Swarovski Crystal earrings - this is just a very small sample of them all with precious metal hooks. I also have some zodiac earrings and some cute little piwakawaka and kiwi earrings that are made from NZ cast pewter birds.

Also, I have some charm necklaces with Swarovski Crystal and charms. They are available in several metal colour ways and can be customised. I try not to make two exactly alike.

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